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Discover the important dates for your zodiac sign in Will be a good year for you? Your Chinese horoscope has all the answers you need.

Astrology Tarot Correspondences - Your Tarot Cards by Zodiac Signs (Infographic)

Read your weekly horoscope for more essential details. Determination and not throwing in the towel are also important factors to keep in mind throughout , especially when we are so close to the finish line! In need of more guidance? Follow the Moon in our Lunar calendar for more vital information. If so, you need to check out our guide on Angel numbers to reveal the message.

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Success in on the horizon Tarot highlights that Aries will experience a year of great success in If you want to succeed in the Tarot cards will require some effort on your part, as you continue to grow pursuing your goals and dreams. Aries, take care of yourself in , love yourself and switch to the frequencies of love and light. You are an amazing beautiful being and deserve love and to be loved. Tarot card career: Aries, is a great year to start saving for the future, your finances will improve gradually over the year making it possible to save and take care of your family and yourself.

Knight of Swords Reversed

Curious about your year? Check out Aries horoscope ! An exciting year Taurus, you are strong, you are passionate and full of energy. Connect with your inner vibration and switch your energies to compassion, care, and gratitude. Tarot card career: This year you might experience some ups and downs, but keep in mind that everything happens for a reason and nothing happens by chance. What might seem impossible for you to understand could be a blessing in disguise later on. Want to know more about your year?

Read your Taurus horoscope You will experience a major change in the way you live and see things; because you have learned valuable lessons from your past mistakes. Now is time for you to use your knowledge and glow! The days will go smoothly with harmony, peace and love.

Get more information on your year with Gemini horoscope Your hard work will pay off Cancer in will experience a year full new ventures and tests. All your efforts in the past will be compensated; your hard work and dedication will bring the success and expectations in all areas in your life. Keep that positive attitude within you and meditate often to connect with your inner self. The universe is finally ready to bring what you have been asking for. Be thankful for what you already have, the love you have, and stay positive in all circumstances!

The career of your dreams is just on the horizon! Will you be successful this year? Check out your Cancer horoscope Love is going to change your life Leo in you will receive a boost of energy that will help you to finish things that were left behind in the past. Endings, conclusion, new chapters, and new beginnings await you, so get ready to enjoy the fruits of your labor! Leo, you are learning to live love by spirit, you are ready for a new level of love that will lead you to appreciate every single living thing in this world.

In you will finally learn the meaning of true love. Tarot card career: Dedication is necessary in , Leo. This year take more time to learn about your present career and get involved in it. Leo horoscope reveals everything you need to know about your year! Virgo knows how to get things done, and this year with the help of Jupiter, Virgo will accomplish many goals and wishes! New and important people will come into your life as you increase your knowledge by educating yourself and expanding on your spirituality. A profound contact with nature is necessary for you to replenish your body with amazing positive energy.

Overall you will be very happy this year, Virgo and will be full of loving and caring moments. Virgo horoscope has all the secrets you need to know. Live your best life Libra in you will appreciate life to the fullest, and your imagination and creativity will mean you have a blast! A year of blessings, endings and new beginnings is ahead, Libra.

Rest assured that you have all the areas in your life covered, you know how to deal with stress and you know exactly how to take care of yourself. This year you will enjoy quality time with your loved ones, and if you are single, this year you will find that special someone to warm your heart. You will face important decisions in your career in , so be prepared by meditating and connecting to your Angels for help and support in following your path, dreams and desires. Discover your Libra horoscope here! Love is going to rock your world Scorpio in you will receive pleasant surprises and can expect a busy and fun year ahead!

Travelling, spending time with new and old friends and amazing moments will fill your year. You have got what it takes to be successful; you know how to make your dreams come true! Long distance travel, long-term plans and education, changes in spiritual beliefs and mental attitudes. House Ruling Sign: Capricorn.

Work and Career. Ambition, drive and career goals, approach to work and your talents. How you relate to your environment.

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    The pages are perhaps the most inexperienced in their suit of all the court cards, and as such they are filled with curiosity — eager to learn and explore all that their suit has to offer. They want to take everything in. As part of their exploration, they crave representations of their suit that they can grasp, feel.

    Filled with passion, the knights are represented by the element of fire.

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    Always itching for something to do, they are often very eager to prove themselves to the world — perhaps a little too eager. This sometimes makes them rather impatient, and go too much into the extremes of their suit. Queens, being the receptive counterpart to the kings, are associated with the element of water. Their deep knowledge of their suit is turned inward — they seek to perfect it in the private world. Their approach in life is to quietly express their suit and inspire others through their unwavering commitment to their own evolution.

    The kings, as executors of their element, are level headed and intellectual. They approach things with clarity of mind. They must be strategic in order to make sure their vision comes to life, and are great communicators - they must be in order to share their vision of what the world can be with others. From what we mentioned above, we can combine them so that each of the court cards has two elements associated with them.

    The final elemental pairings look like the following. The breakdown of the signs are shown below, along with their court card rank. There are probably a few questions you have when looking at these charts. These rank associations are pulled from the Golden Dawn tradition, which chooses to remove the pages from this list of correspondences. The justification for this, to put it shortly, is that the pages are yet still undeveloped and immature energy.

    Secondly, you may also feel that depending on the deck, the modalities may actually fit cards of another rank. For example, in some decks, the knights may better represent cardinal signs, and queens may better represent fixed signs.