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And they were available to clear any follow up doubts also. Astrological reports are very detailed and accurate. Had ordered an annual report from 3 different astrologers and the insights I got were really good. AstroTalk has the best astrologers from India and the provide best astrology predictions.


Totally worth the money. Had a wonderful session with couple of astrologers and it was quite satisfying. They listened to me carefully and answered very patiently. Customer support makes life very comfortable as they are always there to support.

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Best experience on any service app from India till date. Tried it out of desperation during bad phase of my life and it really helped as the astrologer listened to my problem like a friend and then assured me that everything will be fine and gave remedies. And when the things are good now, I use it regularly as they made me a believer.

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Brilliant user experience. From the interface to app to ease of asking a query to speaking to well spoken and experience astrologers.

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It was a delight. Have used many astrology apps but this is something like Uber experience. Great work. AstroTalk is really helpful for me in seeking astrology advice from England at any time. Thanks Guys, I am really happy with the service and support I get from customer support and Astrologers. Everyone is so freindy and helpful. Very good experience with the app so far. Thanks AstroTalk for being available at my worst time and motivating me to get through that phase. I am finally doing good now after Navgrah Pooja performed by them.

For more accuracy we suggest the visit in person. Complete analysis of compatibility between a Boy and Girl for marriage purpose. In the case of Personal Visit, the payment can be made in cash at office counter.

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About Rohit Sharma is a WorldWide famous astrologer reconized for his accurate horoscope predictions, gesture readings and excellent knowledge in palm reading. Consultation You can consult astrologer Rohit Sharma through any of the following Ways I feel quite different than I have in a while, actually. Reset, restore, reconsider. Renew, return, release. Reevaluate, respond, reset. All together, I feel less drained, more energized. I am swimming in the mess and trusting it will take me somewhere.

I have a very difficult time balancing on my right foot. I am mad for a minute and then blame it on the moon. I get to the office, make a bowl of oatmeal, and start my reading. Kelly answers. We discuss more about Mercury retrograde, and how my energy this week has felt the opposite of last—uncontained and frenetic.

I go to therapy in the afternoon. I do not tell my therapist I am cheating on her with three astrologers. I have a feeling he is a Capricorn or Cancer; it simultaneously seems as though he is the most intense, hard-working person I've met Cap and that he is the type that a is a crier and b loves his mother more than anything else in the world Cancer.

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He does not know his rising, but asks me to explain what the different parts of astrology mean. I tell him that I am actually working on a story about all of this. He says he loves talking about space.

He is fascinated. I wake up. I make coffee. I go to yoga.

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I go straight from yoga to brunch with a friend. I am supposed to go straight from brunch to a birthday party in Brooklyn but also somehow shower in between. I am also supposed to text my astrologer. I spend 16 minutes trying to decide whether I should take an expensive Uber to Brooklyn so I can have my reading on the way, do the reading in my apartment and go late to the party, or risk the underground cell service and do the reading on the subway. I decide to sit back down on the couch and just do the reading now.

I accept that I will be late to everything. Mercury Rx. I should take the time to devote my attention to it on its own. After my reading, I go to the party in Brooklyn, then grab a drink with a friend at a dive bar that only plays heavy metal. I go back home to Manhattan, I change my shoes, I meet another friend for tapas—for which I am two hours late—and I go out on another date. It is, incidentally, the worst date I have ever been on.

What I Learned From Having an On-Call Astrologer for a Week

Not even astrology could have explained that. This is my last day of living astrologically and also my first day with no plans for the first time in 10 days. I make plans because I am bad at doing nothing. I spend 15 minutes waiting in line for a bagel and wonder what is wrong with me. Later, when my friend and I sit down to write, I text my astrologer. At some point, the astrologers stopped introducing themselves at the beginning of our chats.

In a sense, you understand this retrograde territory.