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  1. Today's Capricorn Horoscope - Tuesday, October 8, 12222.
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Aries Horoscope Today: October 3, 12222

The truth only. No sugarcoating. Chat Now! Clairvoyant, Dream Impy WakeFree Chat Now! You're ruled by Saturn, the father of time. Rushing into relationships isn't something you do, dear sea-goat. You like to move at your own pace and have a solid plan in place before you make any commitments.

capricorn Horoscope

On Tuesday, October 8 , romance planet Venus enters intense Scorpio. The people you're dating may act jealous and controlling, or try to push you into moving faster than you're ready. If you care about them, explain that you take your time because you like them and want to do it right, not out of lack of interest. If they're suited for you they will understand, and if not, as they say, there are plenty of fish in the sea. There is a full moon in powerful Aries on Sunday, October This bold energy is an ideal day to get organized for the upcoming work week and make moves to take your professional life to the next level.

Ideas conceived and put into action during this lunation have lasting power, so get ready to work on the weekend not that you mind, even when you grumble about it.

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Scorpio season begins on Wednesday, October Scorpio is ruled by the death card in the tarot , which despite sounding frightening, simply represents transformation and rebirth. You have a conservative reputation, Capricorn, but your sexual desires run deep. Embrace Halloween season by letting your freak flag fly.

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    Page of Swords When the Page of Swords arrives in your reading, keep your wits about you as intellect and rational logic is favored in your situation over emotional decision making. Smoky Quartz.

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