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Thank goddess, because I think a fresh start is what we all need right about now. As the saying goes, what goes around comes around — and this new moon is likely to have an emotional boomerang effect. It's carrying us back to the issues that were on the table during October's full moon in Taurus and helping us to see them with more clarity — as well as helping us to hopefully wrap them all up with a nice little bow on top. But that's OK, though. As explained by Forever Conscious on its site, "While things may come to a head on this New Moon, it is likely that this climax will lead to a resolution and a way to move forward and find forgiveness.

Full Moon in Gemini November 2018 Astrology Horoscope ONCE IN A LIFETIME ADVENTURES BEGIN!

Bustle spoke to astrologers Lisa Stardust and Renee Watt to get their takes on November's new moon vibes and how they're going to be affecting us. Move toward newness and embrace change. The November new moon energy is going to manifest for every sun sign a little bit differently, so read on to find out exactly how the new moon will affect you , based on your zodiac sign.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, god of the underworld and ruler of occultism, so let yourself naturally embrace that energy during this very-Scorpio new moon. It's definitely a good opportunity to get in touch with your spiritual side and embrace the shadows in true Scorpio fashion! Taurus, your Venus-ruled energy is supercharged, as the planet of love will be trine Mars during this new moon, making romance and a desire to be extra-social very strong.

Get out there and flirt — you're attracting good energy, both romantically and otherwise. New moons are always good for fresh starts and beginning new projects — so use the energy to build your strength. It'll be an amazing release both physically and emotionally, so hit up a fun spin class or hot yoga session and see if you can't make them a regular part of your routine.

Cancer, the vibes are good for you with this moon, so don't be afraid to let your guard down and have some fun, "With the moon in fellow water sign, sexy Scorpio, you may find yourself crawling out of your shell a bit," shares Watt.

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And November's new moon is giving you a fresh start when it comes to deep, transformational issues like your inner self and worldview. Embrace the change and move toward growth," advises Stardust. You're used to being in the spotlight, Leo, but don't be afraid to step aside for this luminary so you can devote some energy to introspection.

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The Sun illuminates a crescent on the right side of the moon, while the rest remains dark as the moon begins to wax towards full during a Waxing Crescent. Those born under this moon are very outgoing and cheerful, however struggle with trying new things and taking risks. During this phase, people are encouraged to satisfy their curiosity by exploring exotic ideas and locales. The waning stage begins after the Full Moon, showing up in the night sky as slightly less than a complete orb.

Similar to the Waning Crescent, birthdays falling on this moon characterize those who are very intuitive and insightful, accompanied by a huge imagination. Under a Waning Gibbous, you fall in love selflessly. When the Earth-facing side of the Moon is completely unilluminated by the Sun, virtually invisible in the night sky, it is new. New Moon babies grow up to be very in tune with what they want, always trying new things and maintaining a childlike wonder.

The same energy often translates to love under this phase.

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New Moon couples rarely get bored of each other, and are always keeping each other on their toes. As expected, this phase is the perfect time for new beginnings. When the Sun illuminates the entire surface of the Earth-facing side of the Moon, it is said to be full. Birthdays falling under this moon personalize those who are selfless and generous people who give their all to everything they do. Full Moon couples often connect on a deeper level thanks to the vulnerability this moon brings. The Waxing Gibbous is the last phase before the Moon reaches maximum illumination. It appears close to full, but is not completely illuminated.

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Kind, caring and nurturing are characteristics of those born under this moon, making them amazing mentors. Relationships under this moon are very intense as emotions are amplified which create incredibly strong bonds. This is a time of communication, a time to share personal stories and love between friends and family members. A Lunar Eclipse happens when the Moon passes directly behind Earth and into its shadow, often turning a blood red color during a partial eclipse.

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Those born during a lunar eclipse lean towards checks, balances and security rather than spontaneity. During this time, stand firmly in your beliefs and look out for those around you who require special care.

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A Solar Eclipse occurs when part of the Earth passes through the shadow cast by the moon, which fully total eclipse or partially partial eclipse blocks the Sun.