Mars and saturn in sagittarius vedic astrology

Virgo born loses domestic peace and suffers from insomnia. Sagittarius born will suffer from headaches, insomnia, fear, phobias, injuries, loss of job and ill-health of partner.

Gajachchhaya Yoga 12222 Dates, Timings during Pitru Paksha

Capricorn born need to control expenses and practice meditation for sound sleep. Sexual immorality needs to be controlled. During early March , Mercury squares Saturn — Avoid important meetings until 12th. There will be disagreements and depressing thoughts and conversations. Stick to routine. Take care of those dull tasks that you normally would not want to do.

This is good for starting new tasks by yourself. Be careful not to rush. Sun gives you extra energy and persistence to take care of tough jobs. During mid-March , Venus squares Saturn, which is not good for love relationships. Lay low. Another aspect on this date includes Sun trines Jupiter — Could bring some luck to certain situations.

After 18 March, Mercury conjunct Venus, and this is great for love conversations. Good for chatting with friends too. Full Moon March 1st : Do not criticize anyone. This is great for working and taking care of those little details but there can be some confusion. Rahu was stationed at 17 degrees, the same degree at the time of the win.

If you include the Ascendant degree 24 degrees Sagittarius there is a grand trine with transiting Rahu 17 Aries, Transiting Jupiter 18 degrees Leo, and transiting Jupiter is conjunct natal Ketu, Venus and Mars. Both transiting Rahu and Jupiter trine natal Mars at 20 degrees Aries, forming a grand trine in the fire signs.

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The stations of both Jupiter and Rahu occurred at the same time of the win, so these degrees were also the stationary degrees. Transiting Rahu was in the 2nd house of money activating the three Artha houses, 2, 6, and Artha houses pertain to material things in life, such as money, possessions, work and career. On that day transiting Jupiter was 11 degrees Libra and transiting Rahu was also in Libra 29 degrees, both conjunct natal Saturn in the 11th house of gains, casting a trine to natal Mercury at 12 degrees Aquarius.

Transiting Rahu stationed in May at 0 degrees Scorpio casting a trine to natal Ketu. Again the transiting lunar nodes are aspecting the natal nodes. Transiting Ketu is conjunct natal Rahu and transiting Rahu is conjunct natal Ketu and it is aspecting the Ascendant degree at 6 degrees Virgo. Jupiter was stationed, stationary direct in April at the time of the win at 14 degrees of Cancer, It turned stationary retrograde in December at 24 degrees Cancer very close to the conjunction of natal Jupiter at 29 degrees Cancer in the 11th house of gains.

Note natal Saturn is conjunct natal Rahu and transiting Ketu is conjunct natal Saturn and Rahu as well. Transiting Saturn was at 29 Taurus aspecting natal Jupiter 29 Cancer, and conjunct natal Ketu in the 9th house. On that day transiting Jupiter was 18 degrees Capricorn and transiting Rahu was 4 degrees Virgo they are casting a trine to each other from the earth signs.

Transiting Rahu is in the 9th house of luck and fortune conjunct natal Sun, Mercury and Ketu. Transiting Jupiter is trine this house. Transiting Rahu is trine the Ascendant degree of 1 degree Capricorn. The station of Jupiter stationary retrograde was 23 degrees Sagittarius in May and the stationary direct was in December, at 14 degrees Sagittarius. At both stations natal Venus and Saturn are closely trine by transiting Jupiter. Venus and Saturn are in the 8th house of unearned money. Transiting Saturn was 14 Pisces conjunct natal Rahu and transiting Ketu aspecting the 9th natal house planets as well, Sun, Mercury, and Ketu.

On that day transiting Jupiter was 18 degrees Virgo, and transiting Rahu 27 degrees Scorpio and transiting Ketu 27 Taurus. Transiting Ketu is trine transiting Jupiter and both cast a trine to natal Venus at 22 Capricorn completing the grand trine.


Transiting Ketu is conjunct the natal Moon which is also involved in this grand trine, for transiting Ketu, 27 Taurus conjuncts the natal Moon, 25 Taurus and transiting Jupiter, 18 Virgo trines it ,and all are trine natal Venus, 22 Capricorn. The Moon is in the 11th house of gains and natal Venus rules this house. Rahu is stationary at the time of the win at 27 degrees of Scorpio.

October 12222

It is conjunct natal Saturn, 26 Scorpio in the 5th house of speculation. Transiting Saturn is 21 degrees Capricorn conjunct natal Venus which is the natal planet involved in the grand trine of transiting Ketu and transiting Jupiter. Prior stations were Jupiter stationary retrograde in January at 20 degrees of Leo and in April stationary direct 10 degrees Leo.

These stations were previously transiting the 2nd house aspecting the natal Sun 19 Sagittarius and natal Ketu 15 degrees Aries. There are of course many variables to consider when analyzing a chart in terms of a sudden rise in fortune and luck. These events are foreseen as the specific karmas of a soul in this lifetime and seem to be activated as to the time of occurrence with the cyclic processes of the transiting planets.

Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius – A Battle Ensues

We perceive great gains of money as a lucky and fortunate event but the after effects could be interesting as to the karma these individuals create through their sudden gains of fortune. Is it a blessing or a curse? Fusce lorem ligula April 30, Published by galacticcenter at June 20, Categories News. I nitially when one begins the study of astrology it is believed that all events can be predicted in a chart. In Vedic astrology Jupiter is the planet of luck and fortune and its full aspect is the trine.

Houses that promote luck and fortune are the trikonal houses which are 1, 5, and 9, they are called the trikonal houses. This reinforces the theory of the lucky aspect of the trine degrees. Each nakshatra is ruled by a planet. There are 9 planets, and each of them rule 3 nakshatras. The nakshatras that are ruled by the same planet are degrees from each other or trine each other in the zodiac. For example the nakshatras Ashwini, Magha and Mula are ruled by Ketu. All 3 are in the beginning of Fire signs, which trine each other.

Mangala in Dhanushya rashi = Mars in Sagittarius * BP Lama Jyotishavidya

When one nakshatra is activated with a transiting planet it activates the other nakshatras ruled by the same planet. Simply meaning they are in trine to each other degrees. It is believed by most Vedic astrologers that the full aspect of both Rahu and Ketu is the 5, 9 aspect which is the trine aspect of degrees. Rahu and Ketu definitely predict major changes within life. There are many variables involved in predicting the effects of these.

Therefore; Jupiter and Rahu and Ketu cast the same full aspect, 5, 9 or degrees Trine. All these points emphasize the importance of the trine aspect. Particularly in predicting favorable events. When there are three points that are degrees from each other, they form a grand trine in the chart.

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  4. The points will be in the same element and in the 3 nakshatras that are ruled by the same planet, close in degree. When Jupiter and Rahu aspect one another they cast a trine and aspect the other point simultaneously creating a grand trine in a chart. Thereafter Sun will enter its debilitated Libra sign.

    Ketu is transiting Purvashadha nakshatra ruled by Venus in Sagittarius sign this month. Ketu is aspected by Mars this month. Rahu is transiting Ardra nakshatra ruled by Rahu in Gemini sign this month.

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