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Your intelligence and intellectual brilliance paired with your active involvement at work makes you brave enough to take on challenges by yourself. Cancer, unfolds a loads of new events which seek to change your life for good. As the year begins, your horoscope shows Rahu transiting your sign. Confusions can possibly make you indecisive this year. Leo, the horoscope brings new learnings for you.

You are likely to be worldly wise now. As starts, a house related investment or expense would boost your spirits but work related stress could affect your health and result in mental stress too. Virgo, your horoscope brings a delightful news for you! A long awaited dream finally seems to come true this year. Your financial condition as well as personal relations show significant improvement and atmosphere at home will be pleasing,. Libra, your horoscope speaks of a smooth and romantic period for you this year.

Social work will interest you, though it will leave you little time for work and home, causing some problems. Your horoscope suggests you work hard in a disciplined manner if you want success. Scorpio horoscope shows a period filled with confidence and courage. As the year starts, transit of Mars, the ruler of your sign, in Pisces makes you confident and active.

Moon Sign Cancer - The Moon in Cancer

Though some problems might come your way, you will easily overcome them without any help. If preparing for a competition or sports, then success is likely to be yours. Sagittarius, your horoscope presents you with a brand new and improved image. Any pending goals or unfulfilled dreams from the past years would become a reality with your hard work. Saturn transits your Moon Sign in , bringing along the effects of Sade Sati. Sagittarius, you will accept your weaknesses and work on removing them this year.

Capricorn, your horoscope brings a bright new chapter in your life. With Saturn transiting your 12th house, influence of Sade Sati will shape your destiny. Take things slow, as rising expenses might cause stress. Financial condition seems a bit doubtful.

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So you should control your expenses for better results. From March onwards, Ketu will transit with Saturn.

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For Aquarius, the horoscope brings hope for a promising time on all fronts. With the start of , work would keep you busy and occupied.

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Your hard work would bring splendid outcomes and fetch you the desired success. Some unexpected expenses on a female are likely around March. Rahu transits Gemini at the end of March, which might result in stress. Expect mediocre results this year and remain patient. Matters of love and marriage may observe mixed results in At the start of the year, Venus is transiting Scorpio.

Family Life Horoscope 12222 for Cancer born

The month of January looks good for new beginnings and romantic relations. By the end of February, Venus will transit Capricorn. The period from 25th February to 22nd March marks an auspicious period for tying the knot and stepping into marital bliss. However, Cancer Love and Marriage horoscope depicts that 11th April onwards, things may take a rough turn for matters of the heart.

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Clashes and quarrels may spoil your bonding and you need to proceed diplomatically. Some relief is likely after mid-August If married, then is largely depicted under hazy conditions and you should adopt a calm approach. Cancer, your finances look in a good shape throughout Jupiter aspects your house of income till November. New sources of income are likely for you. A rise in pay may further improve your financial condition. Though Cancer Finances Horoscope points at increasing expenses after 24th March, a good flow of funds will help you maintain a balance. A significant increase in your wealth is depicted after October Throughout , avoid taking a loan.

If looking to invest your money, property or real estate would be a favorable area, particularly during the months of February and March. Investments in the share market are not much favored and should be avoided for now.

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The year ahead looks mostly good for your children, Cancer. The period till 7th November will see mostly bright results. Their performance is expected to be good and admission in a school or college of their choice is possible. However, guide them constantly about stepping away from overconfidence.

The Cancer Horoscope for children implies some distractions after 7th November, when they may lack focus. Success will come only at the hands of hard work.

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  5. They may become irate now and your bonding with them may suffer to an extent. Your family from looks disturbed somewhat throughout Relations with your parents will mostly be cordial. However, clashes and quarrels with siblings can affect your bonding. Keep a soft tone of speech and avoid an aggressive approach. Health of your mother may need your attention after 24th March and this may keep you stressed. Avoid overthinking and maintain a logical outlook towards matters.

    Cancer family and health horoscope for indicates that your health may suffer this year due to bone related issues such as back pains, joint pains, etc.