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Sun Sign Compatibility Compare your Sun signs. If Today is Your Birthday Forecast for Born October 4 - Cooperation brings special rewards this year, and it's a strong period for getting back on track. As far as Gates goes, his big deal is vaccines, which could be considered quite Piscean. Having Pisces MC is so frustrating to me. Work for myself, probably, but what? Astrologer, maybe? Thanks for covering this topic.

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Realy perfect explanation. I have 22 deg pisces on mc. And sun mercury in 10th conjugate mc in pisces. Im 30 and still dunno what to do or where to go and I have no clue to what I really want to do and that makes me nervous. I have a few ideas but its not like a direction , its like walking in the mist , I know I want and need to go somewhere but I dont know where it is or which path I should walk to get there ……I feel lost and stactic while I see all folks who I grew up with doing something meaningfull of their lives.

Sorry it took me so long to respond to this comment. Astrology does have a connection with Neptune. Dip your toe in the waters. Well, a fair number of people are still experimenting with the lives at It took Jesus 33 years to find his true purpose. I love my Pisces midheaven. I am hoping to do some missionary work in Africa soon. I am 30 and do feel external pressure to do and be more, but I know my time will come. I am a Gemimi Rising, Pisces midheaven. Why does this article refer to Cancer rising. Am I missing something? My midheaven is at 3degrees Pisces. Can someone help with this question?

Because some people, by degree have Cancer rising and Pisces MC. Hope that helps. This was really enlightening and a great read, thanks so much!

I have Pisces Mc and Cancer Ascendant and this all rang very true. Mediation does help, I will explore a the arts as well, as you suggested. Holy cow!!!

Midheaven in Astrology

You just nailed everything. I appreciate your wisdom and thank you for writing this and sharing with the world! Sag sun cancer asc pisces moon. Pisces moon in my 10th with jupiter. I am a lawyer and very often feel like a round peg in a square hole. Maybe I should switch careers to art after reading this! Pretty interesting and matching. Wow, I found this article to be so negative, discouraging, and unhelpful.

Way to make Pisces energy seem deficient, lazy, and weak sigh These have become daily diary entries since my Solar Return and yes, they guided me into Astrology. So spot on! Hi Robert! Thanks for your post. I have pisces mc, pisces moon, virgo sun,cancer ascendant. This insightful article was just what I needed. Recently got into astrology to figure out why things, events, experiences and basically everyday life is so different then the norm.

Few days into the new job its like a light was clicked on in my thoughts.

The Midheaven by Zodiac Signs

More so then my coworkers which seemed to have more confrontational interactions. Observing and analyzing how they approached things made me realize how different and to be honest overwhelming different everyday life was for me. This has been a blessing and a curse, nothing for me is mundane, its one extreme or the other. It has sent me on a mission to acquire as much knowledge as I can reguarding human nature, emotions, reactions ect..

Midheaven 101—What the 10th House Cusp Shows about You

Reading this was so comforting, my coworkers and regular customers have started to take notice how different everyday should be normal occurrences present themselves to me. Its gone as far as the office AP say they will watch me specifically due to the nature of how differently the general public interacts with me. Its always a interaction with a meaningful undertone of purpose. It seems that I attract people, random coworkers with extreme character, opinions, personalities ect. It can be a amazing source of entertainment or extremely exhausting due too the feeling I get of absorbing a little bit of that person and the moment.

Still trying to understand and feel compelled that its a path I need to focus and develop, compassion is a learned nature that needs to be used more often. There is nothing more satisfying then hearing someone vent a obvious issue,struggle they have been dealing with and offering them a kind word or just a sympathetic facial expression that offers them comfort knowing someone understands and their not alone, most issues wont have a solution,and its hard to accept the reality of that but for some reason Im still trying to umderstand I seem to exude a calmness and comfort that draws people in and compels them to interact in a very personal way.

Of course it all depends on their demeanor, goes both ways. So after 9 months of dealing with this everyday and the few coworkers I work closely with taking notice and confirming Im the kind of person only that would happen too. My calling really seems to be based on personal and meaningful interactions with peple that need guidence reguarding confussion of their lack of knowledge to their connection of their inner self.

Its something very rewarding on a deeper level for me but exhausing, I feel like I take a piece of their hurt and replace it with a little bit of my inner calm or I guess understanding Ive been blessed to be aware of. Somedays are extremely exhausing and I come home mentally and emotionally drained, Ive read I need to learn to channel negative and draining energies away from myself. Interestingly, Chiron was originally classified as an asteroid, but has gone through an identity crisis of his own.

Meanwhile, there are talks of calling him a dwarf planet, like his bro, karmic Pluto. But whatever his planetary pedigree, understanding his influence can be downright medicinal. From April 17, until April 14, , Chiron will visit assertive Aries , making a couple pit stops in Pisces and Taurus along the way. Aries it the sign of the self, while Chiron is a benevolent giver.

For the next nine years, we must use the Aries traits of righteous anger, self-confidence and putting ourselves first in service of a bigger goal.

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With gun violence at a staggering high and the world more polarized than ever, perhaps Chiron in Aries will help heal the divide. Note that due to several retrogrades Rx , Chiron will weave in and out of Pisces and Taurus during its transit:. Wounds: Anger management, lack of self-worth, aloofness and isolationism, cutthroat competition style—needing to be 1 or refusing to participate, comparing and despairing.

Healing Gifts: Empowering people to embrace their individuality, channeling anger into creative expression, fearless individuality, modeling independence.