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You may be wondering whether anyone else is interested in coming with you, but the planets are guiding you on a journey for you alone. Don't be overly careful, as you're inclined to be. Any insecurities you may be feeling are really a cover for the desire to dare. Experiment more boldly, especially with ideas, projects, and maybe a relationship. Go deep to understand what motivates you and your feelings. Don't take your responses to people and situations for granted. There are many connections you will make, if you care to look.


After many twists and turns, your life is starting to come together. Everything that's happened recently now makes sense. This is truly a new start for you—choose a bold challenge and rise to the occasion. You're highly sensitive to your environment and thepeople around you. Trust the information you get about the direction your life is taking. Your vision is exceptionally clear right now, and time is on your side. These weeks will offer insights into yourself that will benefit you for many years. Yet you will need to be susceptible and aware. Listen to the whisper of your inner wisdom and you will know exactly what to do.

There will be times this month when you are bestowed with the authentic power to heal. Start with yourself. Take this cue to set your intentions and focus your strength. The door to a better life, and letting go of the past, is wide open. To do brilliant things, bring yourself to the work every day. Apply yourself with reasonable deadlines.

November 19 Birthday Horoscope 2018-12222

Pacing yourself will lead to a breakthrough, though the timing will surprise you. Just keep going, one day at a time. Virgo is one of the deep- thinking signs of the zodiac, and this month you are at your brightest. You'll be able to solve any problem you put your mind to, as if some extra burst of knowledge has been granted to you.

These appear in the November issue of Marie Claire, on newsstands now. Type keyword s to search. They need to use them, educate themselves to grow through them, and incorporate them in practical daily solutions with faith they can succeed. Beliefs and convictions are to be questioned, so they can find the most positive turnout where their faith in themselves allows them to make progress through paths that are joyous and inspiring every step of the way.

Personality Profile for People Born on November 19

Deeply sensitive and emotional, people born on November 19th feel the need to hide their frailty with attitudes that might be untrue. Even though they will generally be honest in their direct approach to love and partnerships, they could bump into disappointment if they exclude their own sensitive needs from the equation. They need to be free to express their most fragile selves or satisfaction will fade in time and their bonds might disperse for no obvious reason or by betrayal that was never expected.

They need a partner to share their ideals and desires in live, someone to take them on a trip and to share their excitements and adventures. Respect is built from the point of zero in each new bond, and true belief in any romantic involvement comes from their true belief in ways of their heart.

To cleanse their emotional world of ties to the past, they must let go to the flow and allow themselves to feel all emotions that come to surface, respecting each and every one of them as the bare truth they are meant to listen to. Scorpios born on November 19th do extremely well in acting, artistic expression, music and teaching, as well as all those distant methods that one barely has the patience to study about.

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They have their fixed quality to keep them stubbornly focused on their zones of interest and need to learn to respect it instead of trying to be more flexible for other people's expectations. Healers, doctors and those who help others, with solid boundaries towards influences and intrusions from the side, they will separate their personal talents and inner drive, from that of people who need to follow their own path. Acanthite is an excellent crystal for those born on the 19th of November, protecting them from toxic influences, gossip, and negative energies sent their way.

It has been carried by warriors as it removes mental and emotional obstacles to bravery and fearlessness. Instead of supporting harming anyone or taking bruises, it gives one strength within the self to find middle ground and pull their ideals in life through with no casualties along the way.

It is a good stone to support tasks that one usually shies away from. A person born on the 19th of November needs reminders on magic in life, music, time spent in touch with nature, the sea, the ocean and big forests. Buy some incense, a perfume, a session with an astrologer or an alternative healer, something religious from a foreign land or a trace of other religions, boosting their desire to know all they need to know about their own inner alignment with the Universe.

Idealistic, dreamy and sensitive, they are empaths with a higher cause to pursue, talented and willing to give their knowledge as they gather it along the way. Selfless and vulnerable, they carry enough tenderness for them and everyone around them to shine bright with their deepest qualities.

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